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At All Saints Church one of our core values is putting our faith into action. We believe our personal journeys of faith are informed by and made accountable to the world’s deep needs when we commit ourselves to the courageous and risk-filled work of peace and justice. We take action locally, nationally and globally on issues from hunger & poverty to marriage equality; from ending torture to building interfaith bridges of understanding; from peacemaking to immigration reform; from environmental sustainability to economic justice.

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Each week we put our faith into action:


Sunday, July 24th we are signing letters to our members of the State Assembly asking them to support SB 1383, the Short-Lived Climate Pollutants Act. The Act will reduce black carbon 50% and methane 40% by 2030.

Short-lived climate pollutants, such as black carbon and methane, are many times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of atmospheric greenhouse gas warming and its impact on climate change, while having a shorter life. They also have a detrimental impact on air quality and public health. Black carbon released into the atmosphere in the form of particulate matter has the potential to permeate deep into the lungs and have been linked to decreased lung function, asthma, and other deleterious health effects. Reducing these pollutants will improve public health and protect the climate.


Sunday, July 3:

Today we write to Attorney General Loretta Lynch opposing an exemption to the Privacy Act for the FBI’s Next Generation Identification System.

The Privacy Act bars the government from keeping track of our First Amendment activities. This was inspired by J. Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO program which was used to spy on and harm civil rights activists.

The exemptions that the FBI is asking for would make it nearly impossible to figure out whether you are in the system -- figure out whether that system is accurate -- and hold the FBI to account for any mistakes or abuses of it.

In addition, the Next Generation Identification database likely over-enrolls African-Americans because it is primarily built from arrest records submitted by states, and African-Americans suffer from disproportionately high arrest rates.

The FBI’s exceptions to the enforcement provision would mean that if the FBI used its biometrics database to track people’s political activities - like those in the movement for Black lives, those people could not sue the FBI to stop that unconstitutional surveillance.

Please visit the action table this morning to sign the letter to Attorney General Lynch.

Letter to Attorney General Lynch

Article: "FBI Wants to Exempt Its Massive Biometric Database from Some Federal Privacy Rules"

Article: "Facial-Recognition Software Might Have a Racial Bias Problem"

Article: "FBI Plans to Have 52 Million Photos in Its NGI Face Recognition Database by Next Year"

Sunday, June 26:

Today we write to Governor Brown asking him to sign two education trailer bills that have been passed by the legislature and now sit on his desk for signature.

These two bills, SB 828 and AB 1602, will expand educational opportunity in California through investments in the public education system. These expansions will especially benefit those who are low income, English learners, or foster youth of all backgrounds in helping them to be better prepared for and graduate from California’s public universities.

Please visit the action table this morning to sign a letter to Governor Brown.

Letter to Governor Brown

Sign-on letter to Governor Brown

Sunday, June 19:

Today we urge House Speaker Paul Ryan to allow the House to vote on three pieces of gun legislation that would:

• Prevent individuals on the Terrorist Watch List from purchasing and owning firearms.
• Require that background checks be conducted on all private sales of firearms.
• Renew and strengthen the federal Assault Weapons Ban.

We also have notecards available for you to write messages of support and condolence to the victims of the shooting at the Pulse in Orlando.

Letter to Speaker Ryan asking for Action on Gun Control

Sign-on letter to Speaker Ryan Supporting Congressional Gun Control Action

Sunday, June 12:

Today we write to President Obama thanking him for his recent action to ban the sale of ivory in the US beginning July 6.

Each year 30,000 African elephants are killed to meet the global demand for ivory. This amounts to 96 elephants a day who die for their tusks.

The ban prohibits import and export of African elephant ivory in the US with limited exceptions. It also prohibits take of live African elephants in the United States. This important measure will close a major ivory market in the US, driving down the demand.

Please visit the action table this morning to sign a thank you letter to President Obama.

Full letter to President Obama

Sign-on letter to President Obama

Information Sheet on the Final Ruling

Sunday, June 5:

California's Supreme Court ruled that Californians have the right to vote whether to tell Congress and the legislature to pass a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United and saying that corporations aren't people and money isn't speech. SB 254, the Overturn Citizens United Act, just passed the Senate and is now headed to Governor Brown's desk for signature. This week we write to the Governor asking him to sign this important bill.

Please visit the action table this morning.

Full letter to Governor Brown

Sign-on letter to Governor Brown

Sunday, May 29:

Thursday, June 2, is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. People throughout the country will participate by wearing orange, and the Mayor of the City of Pasadena has issued a Proclamation supporting this day. Please stop at the Action Table to get an orange ribbon, and also to take action on two important state gun-related bills: one that would limit the sales of long guns to one per month in order to reduce trafficking and stockpiling, and another that would regulate ammunition sales through background checks.

Please visit the action table to learn more about these important actions and pick up your orange ribbon.

Action Alert AB1674

Gun Trafficking Fact sheet re AB1674

Letter to Speaker Rendon re. AB156

Letter to Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer re. AB156

Sunday, May 22:

This week we are supporting the expansion of student financial aid for foster care youth in California by supporting Assembly Bill 2506 in the State Legislature.

With the expansion of foster care in 2012, the number of foster youth attending community college in California has increased 38 percent and the current financial aid program has not kept up resulting in 1 out of 4 eligible applicants not receiving a grant.

Assembly Bill 2506 would:

1. Provide all eligible students who apply for an Educational and Training Voucher with a grant if they apply by a September 2nd deadline.

2. Assembly Bill 2506 would also establish standards that must be met in order for a post-secondary school to be deemed a qualifying institution.

Please support this legislation by signing on to a letter to the Assembly Appropriations Committee and sign letters to your members of the State Assembly and State Senate.

We have voter registration forms and information if you need to register to vote or change you registration. Your registration must be postmarked or submitted electronically no later than May 23rd (TOMORROW) to be eligible to vote in the June 7th primary.

Action Letter to Assembly Appropriations Committee

Action Letters to members of the Assembly and Senate

Fact Sheet for AB 2506, Student Aid for Foster Youth

Sunday, May 15:

This week we have two Actions concerning the pesticide Glyphosate. Also known by the trade name “Round Up”: 1. We are asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban the use of Glyphosate pesticide 2. We are asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to test for Glyphosate in and on our food. Last year, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified glyphosate as a Group 2A “probable” carcinogen. In response, countries around the world including France, the Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia and Sri Lanka are all taking steps to ban the use of glyphosate. France’s environment minister is pushing for an EU-wide ban on glyphosate.

Please sign on to letters to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

We have voter registration forms and information if you need to register to vote or change you registration. Your registration must be postmarked or submitted electronically no later than May 23rd to be eligible to vote in the June 7th primary.

Action Letter to EPA urging ban on glyphosate

Action Letter to USDA urging testing of food for glyphosate

Sunday, May 8:

This week we are signing letters to our members of Congress in support of international maternal and child nutrition programs. We are asking that at least $230 million be included in the Department of State foreign operations appropriations bill's global health account.

We have voter registration forms and information if you need to register to vote or change you registration. Your registration must be postmarked or submitted electronically no later than May 23rd to be eligible to vote in the June 7th primary.

Combined Action Letters for Senators Feinstein, Boxer and House members

Bread for the World nutrition fact sheet, "Fortified for Life"

Sunday, May 1:

This week we are signing a letter to the Pasadena Board of Zoning Appeals urging them to deny a permit for local gun shop to expand their retail space, which would expand firearm sales in our community. All Saints Church is deeply committed to preventing all forms of gun violence and we believe that more guns in our community is dangerous and a threat to our public safety and health.

We are also collecting signatures on an initiative petition for the November ballot entitled the Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016 that would require a judge to approve moving a juvenile into adult court instead leaving it to prosecutorial discretion.

Action letter to Pasadena Board of Zoning Appeals

Sign-On Sheet For November Ballot Initiative re. Police Transparency

Information Sheet from ACLU regarding SB1286

Information Sheet re. SB1286

Sunday, April 10:

This week we sign letters to the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee supporting a bill that provides a bonus to developers who build housing that sets aside 10% for transitional foster youth.

We also continue to collect signatures on a petition to put an initiative on the November ballot to end the death penalty in California.

Action letter to Assemblymember David Chiu in support of AB 2442

Information Sheet about AB 2442

Sunday, April 3:

The All Saints Church vestry passed a resolution opposing the death penalty in 2012. We are supporting an effort to place an initiative on the November ballot to end the death penalty in California. If you are registered to vote in California, please sign an initiative petition at the Action Table.

Sunday, March 20:

The All Saints Church vestry passed a resolution opposing the death penalty in 2012. We are supporting an effort to place an initiative on the November ballot to end the death penalty in California. If you are registered to vote in California, please sign an initiative petition at the Action Table.

Sunday, March 13:

For the past twenty years the gun lobbies have been successful in banning any federal funding for gun violence related research. A state bill that would establish a gun violence research center at the University of California will be heard in the Senate Education Committee, chaired by Senator Carol Liu, this week.

Action letter to Senator Carol Liu supporting the UC Gun Research Center

Sunday, March 6:

This week please write a personal thank you to Rep. Judy Chu for speaking out in favor of women’s access to safe abortions and health care. These rights are now threatened by the Supreme Court case of Whole Woman's Health v. Hellersted.

Personal Thank You Letter to Rep. Judy Chu

Sunday, February 14:

This week we write to Attorney General Loretta Lynch thanking her for critical leadership in the Department of Justice’s nationwide Review of Solitary Confinement and release of the Report and Recommendations Concerning the Use of Restrictive Housing.

We urge her to implement the guidelines from the report without delay to end the torture of prolonged solitary confinement. Copies of the letters will be sent to our members of Congress.

Sign On Action Letter to Attorney General Lynch re. solitary confinement

Fact Sheet from the White House on DOJ's "Report and Recommendation Concerning the Use of Restrictive Housing”

Executive Summary from DOJ's "Report and Recommendation Concerning the Use of Restrictive Housing"

Sunday, February 7:

This week we write a letter to President Obama and the EPA asking them to set new limits on methane emissions from oil and gas facilities, such as the one that is leaking right now in Porter Ranch, CA and has released 85,000 tons of methane pollution into the environment.

We invite you to visit the action table and sign on to this important letter.

Sign-on Letter to President Obama and EPA Administrator McCarthy regarding Porter Ranch

Sunday, January 24:

The Anglican Communion has sanctioned the Episcopal Church from participating in Anglican institutions for three years because of the Episcopal Church’s full inclusion of LGBTQ persons in all the churches sacraments, especially marriage.

Ed Bacon has written a response that expresses how we have worked and prayed for the realization of a vision of an Episcopal Church where there would be "no outcasts" and that we will continue towards this goal with increased commitment and energy thanking God for the graces coming from marriages of same-gender couples.

Please sign on in support of this response at the Action Table. Copies will be sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Presiding Bishop.

The Rector's letter regarding the Anglican Communion's sanction

Sign-on Letter for the Rector's response to the Anglican Communion

Sunday, January 10:

On Tuesday, the Obama Administration announced a series of commonsense executive actions designed to: Keep guns out of the wrong hands through background checks, Make our communities safer from gun violence, Increase mental health treatment and reporting to the background check system, and Shape the future of gun safety technology.

Today we sign on to a letter from the Rector to President Obama expressing our gratitude for his executive orders. Please encourage your children to include a special thank you note on our child-friendly letters. Both versions are at the action table today.

Action Letter to the President from the Rector

Sign-on Letter Thanking the President for Executive Action

Sign-on Letter Thanking the President for Executive Action--Child-friendly letter

White House Fact Sheet

Sunday, January 3:

This week we write to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. The Santa Susana Field Laboratory has been an ongoing case of nuclear contamination for over 50 years and we are opposing the cleanup plan submitted by its corporate owner as totally inadequate.

It is estimated that as many as 96 people out of 100 would get cancer from the contamination if they lived on some portions of the site – yet the site’s corporate owner has asked state regulators to allow them to not clean up about 98% of the soil on the property! Regardless of what the Santa Susana Field Laboratory is ultimately used for, leaving that much contamination on site poses a substantial risk to nearby communities through offsite migration.

Please sign a letter asking the Department of Toxic Substances Control to keep a promise made in 2010 that they will require a cleanup that meets all potential future land uses allowed by Ventura land use rules and reject in their entirety any proposals to do anything less than a cleanup of all the contamination.

Action Letter to Director of Department of Toxic Substances Control

Information Sheet -- Physicians for Social Responsibility LA Action Request

Information Sheet -- PSR LA Santa Susana Story on NBC4

Information Sheet -- PSR LA Nuclear Threats

Sunday, December 20:

The spectacular landscape known as the Thompson Divide in Colorado has been named “Too Wild to Drill.” This landscape is a scenic destination for hunters, hikers and backcountry skiers and the backbone of the local ranching economy. Yet the area is threatened by illegal leases for oil and gas drilling issued over a decade ago by the Bush administration.

This week we write to the Colorado Bureau of Land Management asking them to follow suit and cancel all of the illegal leases in the Thompson Divide and all inventoried roadless areas to protect Colorado's wild forest lands.

Please visit the action table to sign this letter.

We are also continuing to collect coats for our Winter coat drive.

Action Letter to the Bureau of Land Management

Action Information Sheet from the Huffington Post

Sunday, December 13:

This week we ask that you sign a letter to your member of the House supporting the Fix Gun Checks Act of 2015. This legislation would expand Brady background checks to all gun sales and close the significant loopholes that currently exist, primarily the unregulated sales at gun shows that take place in many states. While California has very strong gun laws, it is only federal legislation that has the potential to significant reduce the epidemic of gun violence in our country.

Please visit the action table to sign this letter.

Action Letter Request House Member to Cosponsor

Action Letter to Thank House Member for Cosponsor

Action Letter, special thank you to Adam Schiff

Fact Sheet on Fix Gun Checks Act of 2015, HR 3411

Sunday, December 6:

Did you know that the United States is one of only two countries (along with New Zealand) that allows TV drug ads? Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars a day to air drug ads on television -- $4.5 billion in total last year -- an investment which results in higher drug prices and keeps much-needed medications out of reach for many Americans. The American Medical Association (AMA) recently called for a ban on direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs, but Congress still needs to enact the ban.

This week we write to our Senators and Representatives asking them to ban TV ads for prescription drugs.

Please visit the action table to sign this letter.

See the Letters to Senators Feinstein, Boxer and Members of the House of Representatives

Sunday, November 29:

This week we are urging our Senators to not let fear drive a decision to turn away desperate Syrian refugees and to remind them that compassion for the suffering of those different from us is at the heart of biblical faith.

As we respond to terrorism in Paris and elsewhere, we must remember that our vetting and security system is already strong and extensive. We cannot let fear twist our strongly-held values of hospitality to refugees.

We oppose any effort to block refugees from Syria from coming to safety in the United States.

Please visit the action table to sign this letter.

See a Copy of the Letter to Senators Feinstein and Boxer

Sunday, November 22:

Today in America we have more people in jail than any other country on Earth. One reason for this is that we have allowed private companies to operate and profit from prisons, a system that can only be called a form of human trafficking. These companies have spent millions of dollars lobbying for laws that needlessly keep people behind bars for far too long.

This week we write to our Senators and Representatives asking them to support the Justice is Not for Sale Act that will bar federal, state, and local governments from contracting with private companies who manage prisons, jails, or detention facilities. And it will require Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to improve their monitoring of detention facilities and eliminate private detention centers.

Please visit the action table to sign these letters and get more information on this important issue.

Combined Letters to Senators Feinstein, Boxer, and Member of Congress

Sunday, November 15:

This week we write to our Senators and Representatives asking them to co-sponsor the Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2015 which would ensure that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and its global partners continue their work towards helping end preventable child and maternal deaths.

Please visit the action table to sign these important letters.

Combined Letters to Senators Feinstein, Boxer, and Member of Congress

Sunday, November 1:

At All Saints Church we believe that torture is a religious issue in addition to a moral issue.

On October 22, 2015, President Obama vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act, which included the McCain-Feinstein amendment banning CIA torture. In the coming weeks, Congress and the President will negotiate a new version of the NDAA.

This week we write to Congress asking them to pass new legislation ensuring that the CIA never again uses torture as an interrogation technique. We also ask Congress to improve the Guantanamo provisions of the legislation so that the President can finally close the prison there.

Please visit the action table to sign these important letters.

Combined Letters to Senators Feinstein, Boxer, and Member of Congress

Sunday, October 25:

This week we write to our Senators and Representatives asking them to support H.R. 2972, otherwise known as the EACH [Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance] Woman Act. This bill would allow every woman to make the choices in her pregnancy that are best for her and her family.

The current Hyde Amendment bans Medicaid coverage of abortion and denies those who are struggling financially the same full-spectrum reproductive health care available to other women. The EACH Woman Act makes a meaningful change for women and their families, creating two important standards for reproductive health.

•  First, if a woman gets her care or insurance through the federal government, she will be covered for all pregnancy-related care, including abortion.
•  Second, the EACH Woman Act prohibits political interference with decisions of private health insurance companies to offer coverage for abortion care. Federal, state and local legislators will not be able to interfere with the private insurance market to prevent insurance companies from providing abortion coverage.

Please stop by the action table to sign letters in support of this important bill.

Action Letter to Senator Boxer

Action Letter to Senator Feinstein

Action Letter for U.S. Representative

EACH Woman Act Fact Sheet

Sunday, October 18:

This week we are supporting a living wage for Pasadena. This has been on-going effort for many months and we are getting close to pushing it over the finish line. We are asking everyone to sign on to letter of support to the mayor of Pasadena. If you are a resident of Pasadena, please sign an individual letter of support to your member of the Pasadena City Council.

Action Letter to Members of the Pasadena City Council

Action Letter to the Mayor of Pasadena

Sign on Sheet for the Mayor's letter

Sunday, October 11:

The poorest countries are often the most severely affected by our changing climate, and the Green Climate Fund is a financial mechanism within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that will help these vulnerable states to reduce their carbon emissions and to adapt to the devastating impacts of climate change.

This Fund is reliant on the leadership, cooperation, and financial backing of participating countries. In order for the U.S. to contribute its fair share, President Obama has requested $500 million for Fiscal Year 2016 from the U.S. Congress to help establish the Green Climate Fund. This week we are writing to our members of Congress in support of the President’s request. .

Action Letter to members of Congress on Green Climate Fund

Sunday, October 4:

This week we write to Governor Brown urging him to sign into law AB 953: End Racial and Identity Profiling. This bill aims to prevent the harmful and unjust practice of racial and identity profiling, and increase transparency and accountability among law enforcement agencies. In June, All Saints Church supported this action by sending letters to our state senators in support of AB 953. Now we make a final push to the Governor to let him know how important it is to sign this bill into law.

Action Letter to Governor Brown supporting AB953

AB953 Fact Sheet

Sunday, September 27:

This week we address the Syrian refugee crisis by writing to President Obama and our Senators urging them to take a strong public stand in support of resettling more Syrian refugees in the U.S. We also urge them to oppose the use of ground troops to escalate Syria's civil war. Please visit the Action Table to sign this important letter.

Action Letter to President Obama re Support of Syrian Refugees and Opposition to Ground Troops in Syria

Sunday, September 20:

This week we are signing letters to Governor Brown supporting eight bills that we have supported during the legislative process. They have been passed by the legislature and are awaiting his signature.

Three bills improve services to homeless youth and youth in foster care by improving their access to education.

One bill requires the development and implementation of policies and procedures to identify, document, and determine appropriate services for children and youth who are receiving child welfare services and are, or are at risk of becoming, victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

One bill will update and strengthen existing requirements for sex ed and HIV prevention education, ensuring our young people receive information that's accurate and inclusive.

Another three bills enhance public safety and reduce the prospect of violence by clarifying existing involuntary mental health treatment law for people too ill to recognize they need help, adding several gun-related misdemeanor convictions to the list of those that prohibit gun purchase or possession and by restricting possession of guns on all campuses by those with concealed weapons permits.

Please visit the Action Table to sign a letter and get additional information.

Action Letter re Bills on the Governor's Desk

Sunday, September 13:

This week we are signing letters to our members of Congress supporting the expansion of Social Security and opposing attempts to undermine it.

Expanding Social Security is a solution to the looming retirement income crisis where most workers will be unable to retire without a drastic reduction in their standards of living due to disappearing pension plans and inadequate 401K plans. We also support Social Security coverage of family leave and sick days as other developed countries do.

Some in Congress are currently trying to undermine Social Security by blocking the rebalancing of the Social Security Trust Funds which have occurred eleven times in the past. If the funds are not rebalanced Social Security Disability Benefits will be reduced 20% beginning in 2017. The objective seems to be to get Congress to approve unpopular changes in Social Security.

Please visit the Action Table to sign these letters and get additional information.

Action Letter to Members of Congress regarding Social Security

Sunday, September 6:

This week we are signing a petition to President Obama urging him to make the federal government a model employer and issue an Executive Order to remove the criminal record checkbox from federal agency and federal contractor job applications, and postpone criminal background checks until the conditional offer stage.

According to the Department of Justice, more than 650,000 people are released from prison every year – and one key element the DOJ identified to reducing recidivism rates is helping them find a job.

There's no better place to start than the federal government, which employs more than 2 million civilians, plus the 22% of U.S. workers who are employed by federal and federally-funded contractors or subcontractors.

Please visit the Action Table to sign this important petition

Action Petition, Ban the Box

Information Sheet showing coalition letter sent to the White House

Sunday, August 30:

This week we write a letter to President Obama urging the US Government to press for an end to Israeli restrictions on the entry of building materials into Gaza. These building materials are critically needed to rebuild what was destroyed by Israeli military assaults on Gaza over a year ago. To this day, more than 100,000 adults and children are still sleeping in the rubble of their homes. Please visit the Action Table to sign this important letter.

The Action Table also has informational flyers on the PUSD Back to School Drive. This Sunday, August 30 will be the last Sunday for collection but we will still accept donations Monday, August 31-Friday, September 4.

Letter to President Obama

Article: Gaza, Gulag on the Mediterranean, by Mohammed Omer

Human Rights Watch: Dreading School in Gaza

Article: One year later, Gaza is Still in Crisis

Sunday, August 23:

This week we write to the Assembly in support of three bills which would protect our environment.
• SB350 sets important goals for the year 2030 for increasing renewable energy, reducing the amount of oil used for transportation, and increasing energy efficiency.
• SB673 would increase public participation in, and the transparency of, the Department of Toxic Substances Control's (DTSC) decision making process.
• SB 788 will close a loophole in the law that would allow new oil drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara.

Please visit the Action Table.

Letter to Assemblymembers 

Fact Sheet for SB350

Fact Sheet for SB673

Fact Sheet for SB788

Sunday, August 16: 

This week we write to the Assembly in support of SB3, which would increase the state-wide minimum wage to $13 per hour starting July 1, 2017. A higher state-wide minimum wage would decrease poverty, and begin to reduce inequality within the state. The US Census Bureau estimates that California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, with nearly 10 million Californians living in need. Raising the state minimum wage will improve conditions for millions of Californians while at the same time boosting our local economies.

The Action Table also has informational flyers on the Back to School Drive occurring August 23rd and 30th.

Please visit the Action Table to sign letters to your representatives in the Assembly.

Letters for Assemblymembers in support of SB3 

Sign-on letter in support of SB3

Legislative Counsel's Digest of SB3

Sunday, August 9: 

This week we commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with an action supporting the Iran Nuclear Weapons Agreement -- an historic agreement which will help control the spread of nuclear weapons and help dial down this country's confrontation with Iran.

We also commend to the 1995 sermon "Children of the Atomic Bomb" by Clarke Oler ... online here.

Sunday, August 2:

This week we stand with Planned Parenthood. Details here

Sunday, July 26:

This week we write to our Senators and Representatives asking them to oppose legislation misleadingly known as the First Amendment Defense Act (House of Representatives bill 2802).  In point of fact, this bill would do nothing to defend the First Amendment and everything to allow discrimination against LGBT people, single mothers and unmarried couples in the name of religious beliefs about marriage. Please stop by the Action Table on Sunday and sign this important letter.

Sunday, July 19:

This week we are writing our members of State Assembly asking them to strengthen California’s gun laws by passing SB 347 and SB 707.

SB 347 would strengthen our gun laws by adding to the list of persons prohibited from purchasing firearms for a 10-year period to include those convicted of specified firearm-related misdemeanors.

SB 707 would prohibit those with a concealed weapons permit from bringing a firearm on any public or private school (K-12), college, or university campus without permission of campus officials.

Please visit the Action Table on Sunday morning and sign a letter to your State Assembly Member

Sunday, July 12:

This week we have two issues on the Action Table:

The first action is a response to a recent Supreme Court ruling against the EPA's Mercury and Air Toxics Rule—a rule that would have slashed some of the worst, most toxic air pollution from our coal-fired power plants. While this decision is a setback, it is a narrow ruling related to the costs of compliance and the EPA has ample information to swiftly address the Court's concerns thus safeguarding our communities and children from mercury.

The second action is support for the California Disclose Act (AB 700). The act will restore transparency and openness to ballot measure campaigns. It will mandate clear and prominent disclosure of the true funders behind ballot measure ads and will require that information on the ads themselves. It will stop contributors from hiding behind front groups by requiring ads to show their largest true contributors, not misleading committee names.

Please visit the Action Table. Sign letters to your representatives in the state legislature supporting the California Disclose Act. And, sign a petition to the EPA urging them to remain steadfast to their Mercury and Air Toxics Rule while they address the court’s concern.

Letters for Senators and Assemblymembers

AB700 Disclose Act Information Sheet

Article on the Supreme Court Decision that prompted the petition to the EPA

Sunday, July 5:

This week we offer our assistance to rebuild at least four predominantly black churches in the South that were burned by arsonists in late June in a clear attempt to strike a blow at the heart of the American black community. As a sign of interfaith solidarity against racism with our sisters and brothers of faith, we are joining more than 50 faith communities – including Christian, Jewish and Muslim to take up a special offering during July for these churches.

Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis, the Cathedral for the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri is coordinating the “Rebuild the Churches Fund” to unite people of all faiths to help rebuild these buildings. The funds will be designated to cover rebuilding costs not covered by insurance.

All money received will be divided equally among these congregations:
• Glover Grove Baptist Church, Warrenville, SC
• College Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church, Knoxville, TN
• Briar Creek Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC
• God's Power Church of Christ, Macon, GA

To contribute by check, please make it out to "Christ Church Cathedral" with "Rebuild the Churches Fund" in the memo line. To contribute to the fund online please go to: https://cccathedralstl.dntly.com/campaign/2571#/

Sunday, June 28:

This week we are concerned about the fact that youth in California’s foster care system are medicated with psychotropic drugs at a rate far higher than other youth, which has impacts on their health that continue into adulthood. This week we are writing the State Assembly in support of four bills that will improve the monitoring and oversight of medication given to youth within the foster care system.

Letters to Assemblymembers and to the Human Services Committee will be at the Action Table along with information sheets. Or, you may print out the letters and information below:

Action Letter to individual Assemblymembers

Action Letter to the Human Services Committee

Information sheet: Article from the Pasadena Star-News

Information sheet: Foster Care Project PPC Study

Sunday, June 21:

On Thursday Pope Francis released "Laudato Sii" ("Praised be You"), his eagerly anticipated encyclical on the environment. We at All Saints Church have long held the position that fighting climate change and environmental degradation is a moral issue and we are deeply gratified by the weight that “Laudato Sii” gives to this position.

This week we are writing our members of Congress to encourage them to read the Pope’s encyclical and take its moral implications to heart. And, we are also asking them to greatly advance the fight against climate change by supporting a Carbon Fee and Dividend.

Letters to Congress are at the Action Table as well as information about the Carbon Fee and Dividend policy. Or, you may print out the letter below:

Letter to U.S. Representatives in Support of a Carbon Fee and Dividend

Sunday, June 14:

Given the incidents that the nation has witnessed in recent months, this week we write a letter to our State Senators expressing our support for AB 953: End Racial and Identity Profiling, which aims to prevent the harmful and unjust practice of racial and identity profiling, and increase transparency and accountability among law enforcement agencies.

AB 953 Fact Sheet

AB 953: Letter to State Senator

Sunday, June 7:

This week we ask that you sign a petition to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank urging that Nepal’s debts to the IMF and World Bank be cancelled. Nepal is paying more than $4 million a week to service their debt. Debt relief will immediately free up resources to help Nepal's people cope with the damage and loss inflicted by the recent earthquake.

Petition for Nepal Debt Relief

Debt Relief for Nepal Info Sheet

Sunday, May 31:

We wrote a letter to the FDA expressing our support for an end to the lifetime ban on blood donation based on sexual orientation, which dates back to the mid-1980’s.

See the Action Letter

Read what the Washington Post, the Federal Drug Administration, and the Human Rights Campaign have to say.

Sunday, May 24:

This week we wrote letters to our US Senators and Representatives urging them to support the $500 million requested by President Obama for the Green Climate Fund. The Green Climate Fund (GCF) would empower the citizens of impoverished countries to reduce their carbon emissions, and would provide essential funding to help these countries to adapt to the devastating impacts of climate change. The recent impacts of climate change on developing nations demonstrates the critical intersections between poverty and climate change. Not only do poor communities often bear the brunt of climate change-related damage, but they also frequently lack the resources to limit their own carbon emissions.

Letters to U.S. Representatives and Senators Boxer and Feinstein

Sunday, May 17:

This week we wrote letters to our US Senators and Representatives urging them to protect child nutrition programs from cuts and harmful policy changes and improve children’s access to these programs while not cutting other safety-net programs. We specifically asked Congress to renew, for an additional five years, funding of the federal government's major child nutrition programs—school meals, summer feeding, and the WIC nutrition program for pregnant and new mothers along with their small children.

Letters to U.S. Senators and Representatives

Sunday, May 10:

This week we wrote to our State Senators in support of two bills that would strengthen gun laws in California.

SB 707 would eliminate a loophole in the California Gun-Free School Zone Act by prohibiting individuals licensed to carry concealed handguns from carrying their weapons within 1000 feet of or on school grounds without the written permission of school officials.

SB 347 would place a 10-year prohibition on buying or possessing a gun on those individuals convicted of certain gun-related misdemeanors.

Letter to State Senators

Sunday, May 3:

This week we wrote to our US Senators and Representatives asking them to support S 1056 (Cardin)/HR 1933 (Conyers): “The End Racial Profiling Act.”

The number of recent incidents of police-associated violence involving African-American men in several US cities highlight the fact that racial profiling remains a divisive issue in communities across our nation.

The End Racial Profiling Act includes a multi-pronged approach to healing the rift between community and law enforcement. It will eliminate the well documented problem of racial profiling by establishing a prohibition on the practice and mandating retraining and data collection by federal law enforcement agencies. For the first time, this bill will make federal cause of action for racial profiling, meaning victims will be able to seek redress in a court of law.

Letter to Senator Barbara Boxer

Letter to Senator Diane Feinstein

Letter to your Congressional Representative

Sunday, April 26:

This week we focused on the issue of labeling genetically modified foods. We encouraged you to sign a letter to Senators Boxer and Feinstein opposing H.R. 1599, also known as the DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right-to-Know Act), which preempts any state and local labeling requirements with respect to bioengineered food, does not mandate labels nationally, and allows for GMOs to be labeled "natural." As an alternative to the "DARK Act” (H.R. 1599), we asked for their support of H.R. 913, the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act. H.R. 913 amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to deem misbranded any food that has been genetically engineered or contains one or more genetically engineered ingredients, unless such information is clearly disclosed. In these letters we also reminded our Senators that we oppose fast track authorization of the TPP trade agreement until we know what kind of standards are included for food safety and labeling, and other safeguards. Please click below to download the letters and for more information on these issues.




In addition to this letter action, as we prepared for the historic hearing on marriage equality at the Supreme Court on April 28, we posted images on our social media platforms as we joined with people of faith and advocates across the country for a National Weekend of Prayer for the Freedom to Marry. We asked you to take part in this important social media campaign, or download the sign below and post images on your own to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Don’t forget to tag us if you do!



Sunday, April 12:

This week we focused on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) recently enacted in Indiana. While Governor Mike Pence recently clarified and passed an amended version of the RFRA, the potential for religious discrimination against LGBT persons and others under the pretext of religious liberty remains a great concern for all who care about equal protection under the law for all people. Please click below to get informed about the RFRA, as we monitor the changes and its impacts.

Update on RFRA from Lambda Legal

Letter from the Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis

Huffington Post piece from Susan Russell

From Sunday, March 29:

We closed out our Lenten Action series by focusing on peacemaking in the Middle East, with a particular concern for Palestine and Israel. We asked that you sign a letter to President Obama encouraging his administration’s renewed focus on supporting bilateral peace talks between Israel and Palestine, and calling for a series of conditions to support a just, workable outcome for all. Please click below to download the letter and sign-on sheet for this action, as well as a link to White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough’s recent comments about the peace process that we referenced in our action letter. As we enter Holy Week let us remain in hopeful prayer for peace with justice for people of all faiths and cultures who make the Middle East their home.

Israel Palestine -- Action Letter -- Sign-on Sheet

From Sunday, March 22:

Our Lenten focus had to do with addressing mass incarceration and systemic racism, and in particular the use of solitary confinement in our juvenile and adult correctional institutions. We asked you to go to the action table to support two bills making their way in the State Senate – one limiting the use of solitary confinement in juvenile detention facilities (SB 124), and another requiring the collecting and reporting of data about the use of solitary confinement in the state prisons (SB 759). Both of these bills would address issues of accountability and transparency about the current practice of solitary confinement, and help pave the way for more compassionate options in our corrections system. Please click below to download the letters and factsheets about these two bills.

SB124 -- Action Letter -- Fact Sheet
SB759 -- Action Letter -- Fact Sheet

From Sunday, March 15:

Our Lenten focus was on gun violence prevention as it relates to our economic investments. Members of our Gun Violence Prevention Task Force were at the Action Table on Sunday to provide information about disinvesting from manufacturers of assault weapons and high capacity ammunition in our personal stock portfolios, IRAs and 401Ks, including tools to find out if these stocks are contained within mutual funds within our holdings. Please click below to access resources about the “Campaign 2 Unload” your investments.




From Sunday, March 8:

We began our Lenten Action series, focusing each week on a core peace and justice priority for us. This Sunday, we focused on immigration.

We asked that you sign a letter to your Congressional representatives in support of the Obama Administration’s Executive Action on Immigration–the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA–which was issued in November 2014. DAPA is currently being delayed, and our support is needed to ensure that it is implemented.

Please go to the Action Table for information about this action as well as the remainder of our Lenten Action series.

Previous actions include:

From February 22:

All Saints responds to Chapel Hill Shooting Tragedy

At All Saints Church we believe that our faith calls us to make love tangible in our world, and to turn the entire human race–across faiths and geographies–into the beloved human family. When tragedies like this occur, especially when it appears that particular communities are targeted on account of religion, race/culture, or any kind of “difference,” it creates a tear in the fabric of our common humanity. We call on all people of faith and good will to stand with the Muslim community in loving prayer and solidarity. As Dr. King has stated, “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

There are two actions that have come our way which we commend for those desiring to send messages of love, solidarity and support to the families of the students — one through The PICO Network and another through Groundswell.

From February 8:
We asked you to sign on to a letter from Ed Bacon to the Pasadena Department of Water & Power, requesting that PWP include analysis of a pathway to attain a carbon emission-free electricity supply in the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) currently being developed.

Background Information:
At the recent climate conference in Lima, achieving global net zero CO2e emissions by 2050 was proposed as necessary to meet international commitments to keep global temperature increases to below 2°C (3.6 °F). Those least responsible for causing, and least able to adapt to, climate change will suffer its worst consequences soonest, largely as a result of our own collective actions—and inactions—in the developed world. Therefore, as a matter of conscience and to lead by example, we strongly believe that PWP must move expeditiously to achieve this goal of net zero carbon emissions.

In addition, if you are a voter in Pasadena, we offer two PDFS with information on all the various candidate forums and debates being held in the community for Pasadena City Mayor, City Council and for Pasadena Unified School District Board candidates. Copies available to pick up at the Action Table—make sure to vote in this municipal election on March 10.

From January 18:
We asked you to write to your Congressional representatives to refocus attention on repealing the Supreme Court's decisions in two cases—Citizens United v. FEC and McCutcheon v. FEC—through a constitutional amendment. These decisions threaten to tear apart the fabric of our democracy by granting powerful corporations and wealthy donors unfettered influence in our political process. An amendment would again place limits on campaign spending and help restore the democratic process. The letter also expressed support for two bills (the Government by the People Act, H.R. 20 and S. 2023 Fair Elections Now Act) on public financing for campaigns to help counteract the impact of Citizens United and McCutcheon. View the letters here.

From January 11:
We asked you to sign a letter to President Barack Obama applauding the actions he has taken to reduce economy-wide carbon pollution and urging him to use his veto on the Keystone XL oil pipeline bill and other bills that are not good for the environment. Additional resources were available about how we can take further action in our faith community and in our homes.


From January 4:
We asked parishioners to sign a letter to federal representatives urging them to support a just and compassionate legislative agenda in 2015, and that they resist attempts by new Congressional leadership to roll back important reforms made to safeguard our economy, consumer protections, healthcare, and the environment. We will continue to have “Know Your Representative” cards that you can fill-in with your elected representatives to keep as a reference for future advocacy efforts.


From December 21:
We asked parishioners to sign letters to Senators Dianne Feinstein and John McCain thanking them for their leadership, which lead to the release this week of the CIA report on torture by the Senate Intelligence Committee.


On December 7, we asked you to sign letters to your members of Congress opposing Fast Track legislation that would limit Congress' normal ability to debate and amend trade agreements. Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic trade agreements are currently being negotiated mostly in secret. This process tilts the agreements towards the interests of large corporations and undermines policies that favor justice and environmental stewardship. We want a thorough airing and debate in Congress of any trade agreement.

Further reading:
French Government Refuses to Sign TTIP Agreement in 2015.
By Cecile Barbiere and Anne-Claude Martin, EurActiv; 18 November 2014

Mainstream Media Blackout of the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement.
By Christina Sarich, NationofChange; November 21, 2014

Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP).
From the AFL-CIO Website


On November 23, we asked parishioners to sign a letter to President Obama thanking him for taking executive action on immigration, providing much needed administrative relief to close to 5 million undocumented immigrants and their families; in this letter we also signal our support for his continued efforts to ensure that Congress enacts a comprehensive, just, and compassionate immigration reform in the near future. Please click here to download the letter, or go to the Action Table this Sunday to sign the letter and for more information about the details of Obama’s administrative relief on immigration.

More information:


On November 16, we asked you to sign-on to a letter to L.A. County Supervisor Antonovich, asking him and the Board of Supervisors to support District Attorney Jackie Lacey's proposal to set aside funds for the comprehensive diversion of people with mental illness away from the jail system and towards community rehabilitation and treatment options. This is a crucial next step in our region as Prop 47, which we heartedly supported, begins to take effect. Parishioners were asked to visit the Action Table to sign the letter and for more information.



For Veterans Day, we honored our veterans and active service members by writing messages of thanksgiving for their service. Military families were held in prayer and thanksgiving as we also struggle and hope for a world without war and violence. We asked parishioners to go to the Action Table to take a moment to write a message of thanks, peace, and good wishes to a retired or active duty service member.


Our action on November 2 focused on prolonged solitary confinement in US prisons. We ask you to support the efforts of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture and Amnesty International, asking the State Department to respond to repeated requests that the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Torture, Juan Mendez, has made for permission to make a fact finding mission to solitary confinement units in California and across the country. Please go to the Action and sign a petition in favor of this critical effort.

We continue to have materials about the propositions on the November 4 ballot, including Proposition 47, which we have endorsed. Please consider signing up to help get out the vote this weekend and on election day—it’s not too late! Whatever you do, we urge you to VOTE this Tuesday, November 4!


On Sunday, October 26, we asked for support of the Social Security Caregiver Credit Act. Every day, caregivers across the country sacrifice their own financial well being and professional goals to care for loved ones. This loss of pay, whether it is reducing one’s paid hours or leaving the formal workforce altogether, hurts now and in retirement.
This is because our Social Security system doesn’t currently recognize the work of caregivers when calculating benefits over a lifetime of work. Now, there is something that we can do about it. Recently, Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) introduced The Social Security Caregiver Credit Act of 2014 (HR 5024). Please go to the Action Table and join with our partners across the country in supporting this critical piece of legislation. View the letter here.

We continue to supply resources regarding all of the propositions on the November 4 ballot, including Proposition 47, which we have endorsed. Please consider volunteering to help get out the vote this weekend and on election day! Contact Francisco Garcia at 626.583.2766 or fgarcia@allsaints-pas.org.


On Sunday, October 19, we asked for support of three actions that are being brought to us by our Rector’s Forum speaker, Sam Daley-Harris, who dedicates his time to civic engagement and activism. Each action is supported by a respected advocacy organization that aligns with our mission.

The asks at our Action Table Sunday, Ocotber 19 were:  

Download each of the letters here. View tips on how to take action on climate change. Learn how you can write a letter to the editor in support of GAVI, here.


On Sunday, October 12, we focused on voter education and outreach related to the propositions and measures on the November 4 ballot. A voter’s guide is available featuring the various propositions and different organizations' stance on each.

For pros and cons of all of the ballot initiatives (compiled by the League of Women Voters), click here.

In addition, we highlighted Proposition 47, a ballot initiative that seeks to change sentencing for low-level nonviolent crimes; and to direct finances instead to K-12 schools, mental health treatment, and victim services. Prop 47 would maintain the laws in place for registered sex offenders and anyone with prior convictions for rape, murder or child molestation.
In early October, after extensive debate and discussion, a strong majority of the All Saints Vestry voted to endorse Proposition 47. Please view this Vestry endorsement as a recommendation. We urge you to get informed and to vote your conscience. If you agree with this Vestry recommendation, we ask that you visit the Action Table to sign a pledge card and consider joining our voter outreach campaign.

More information about Proposition 47:


On October 5, we urged President Obama and the EPA to strengthen the EPA's proposed safeguards against carbon pollution from existing power plants. Already, many states will be able to achieve even greater carbon reductions than called for in the current proposal because they are retiring dirty power plants and are moving to clean energy and energy efficiency much faster and at greater scale than initially estimated. A strengthened standard would take this progress into account as a base upon which further climate action measures will be taken. View a copy of the letter here.

Additionally, the League of Women Voters provided voter registration assistance at the Action Table for the November 4 election. The deadline for voter registration is October 20.

We continue to accept contributions to Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) for providing assistance to the people of Gaza at the Action Table.


On September 28, we signed a letter to President Obama, which stated support of a request made by forty-two members of the House (some of them our representatives) that he meet with families who live with the fear of deportation and listen to their stories. The sign-on letter is at the Action Table. Copies of the letter showing which members of the House made the request of Obama are also available at the Action Table.


On September 21, we wrote to Governor Brown asking that he sign three important bills into law:

AB 1014 - Gun Violence Restraining Order provides family members and law enforcement with legal tools for protecting loved ones and the public from the danger of gun violence.
AB 1327 - Unmanned aircraft systems (drones and privacy) would require police to get a warrant before using drones to conduct surveillance on the public.
SB 1053 - The Contraceptive Coverage Equity Act of 2014 seeks to improve access to the full range of FDA approved methods of contraception for all individuals in California with health insurance.
With just 9 days left in the month of September, we will urge Governor Brown to sign these important bills into law immediately. The letter will be available at the Action Table and for download here.


On September 14, we wrote to our Senators and Representatives asking them to oppose newly proposed legislation known as the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act (Senate Bill 2706/House of Representatives 5285). This bill would allow adoption or foster care providers to refuse service on the basis of their personal religious objections. The legislation would thus allow discrimination to influence adoption decisions at the expense of children in need. The letters are at the Action Table and are available for download here:


On Sunday, September 7, we wrote a letter to President Obama about the escalating human rights abuses taking place in Iraq, calling on him to use his authority to ensure our active cooperation with the United Nations, and other appropriate international channels, to exhaust all possible nonviolent, diplomatic, and political interventions in bringing about a resolution to the crisis in Iraq.

Join us as we also speak out for peace with justice at home and abroad. We will answer the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s call and join their #ISpeakOutBecause campaign this Sunday at the Action Table — you will have an opportunity to voice your conscience on human rights on a piece of paper and, with your permission, we’ll share it on social media!


On Labor Day Sunday, we wrote to Governor Jerry Brown urging him to sign two pieces of legislation that will advance the cause of social justice by ensuring that workers are more secure in their jobs and incomes.
The first is AB 1522, which will provide paid sick days to California workers.
The second is AB 2416, which will give California workers new tools to combat the theft of their wages by unscrupulous employers. You can sign on to the letter here.


On Sunday, August 24, we signed a parish letter to President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency supporting the EPA’s Proposed Rule to Limit Carbon Pollution.

We want to thank the EPA for proposing this standard to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants. Without these standards in place, polluters will continue to dump an unlimited amount of carbon pollution into our air. With these limits we can avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change. Carbon pollution fuels climate change, drives extreme weather, threatens communities and cuts too many lives short. You can sign on to the letter at the Action Table and the letter is also available here.

Information on Climate Change: Causes of Climate Change from the EPA website.


On July 27 our action concerned the conflict in Gaza,

We have all seen news coverage of the increasing conflict in Gaza and have been dismayed by it. The action is a parish letter to President Obama supporting first the efforts of Secretary Kerry to negotiate an end to the violence in Gaza and then supporting any and all efforts to bring the Israelis and the Palestinians into a peace process. You can sign on to the letter at the Action Table.

You can also provide assistance to the people of Gaza at the Action Table by making a contribution to Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD). (See below to make a contribution on ERD’s website)

July 20

Our efforts responded to the humanitarian crisis of refugee children crossing our southern border. We sent letters to our members of Congress calling on them to reject any changes to the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act that would weaken the due process rights of these children. Letters are available at the Action Table and you may also download it here.

We are continuing to collect contributions to the Episcopal Church’s Domestic and Foreign Ministry Society (DFMS) for their Episcopal Migrant Ministries at the Action Table. Should you wish to mail in a donation toward this effort, you may send your gift to:

          815 Second Avenue
          New York, NY 10017
          Attn: EMM

In the memo line of your check, indicate "Child Migrant response". Please note that donations of goods such as clothing, hygiene items, toys, books, etc., cannot be accepted at this time.

Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City is appealing for urgent aid as it struggles to provide critical healthcare services to anyone in need following more than a week of Israeli airstrikes.

Further information about the Diocese of Jerusalem’s appeal is available here.

To support the Diocese of Jerusalem’s relief efforts in Gaza, contact:
Episcopal Relief & Development’s Middle East Fund at https://www.episcopalrelief.org/what-you-can-do/donate-now/individual-donation or call 855-312-HEAL (4325).

All Saints Church became a Sanctuary for Children in the 1990’s and on Sunday, July 13, we worked toward the protection of the unaccompanied migrant children crossing the US border. We wrote to President Obama asking him to handle this crisis in a humane and just manner so that these children receive proper care and help. More information about the experiences of these migrant children can be found here. The letter is also available here.

On July 6, we asked you to take action in support of the health and human rights of women domestically and abroad:

In the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby on contraception coverage, we ask that you sign a letter to your state legislators supporting the Contraceptive Equity Act (SB 1053). In addition, as the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian girls remains unresolved, we ask that you sign letters to our U.S. congressional representatives in support of the International Violence Against Women Act.

Contraceptive Equity Act (SB 1053) will ensure access to the full range of contraceptive methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration for all insured individuals in California without cost sharing, delays or denial of coverage.
The International Violence Against Women Act requires federal agencies engaged in foreign assistance work to undertake measurable steps in their programming to prevent and respond to gender-based violence and to be coordinated in these efforts.

The following supplemental materials are available:

On June 29, we asked parishioners to please sign on to a letter to President Barack Obama calling on him to ensure that the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on the CIA's role in torture is released quickly and with only absolutely necessary redaction.

Background: This past April a bipartisan majority of the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to release its report on post-9/11 CIA torture. The vote represents a significant step toward ensuring that our government will share the truth about our nation's past use of torture with the public. However, since then, the CIA has attempted to obstruct and delay the report’s release. It is time for the truth to be revealed without further obstruction or delays. We are calling on the President to make the report public now. The letter is available for download here.

On June 22, our actions focused on gun violence prevention by encouraging participation in National ASK Day and supporting a letter to Governor Brown calling on him to sign a bill regulating ammunition sales.

National ASK Day -- Asking Saves Kids -- encourages people to ask if there is an unlocked gun in a home where a child goes to visit. Please visit the action table to get information, sign a pledge card, and learn about how you can help distribute these materials in the community. We also ask that you add your signature to a letter to Governor Brown, asking him to support SB 53, a bill that strengthens California's gun control laws by requiring that ammunition dealers be licensed and it would also require a background check on all ammunition purchasers.

The following supplemental materials are available:


On June 15 we wrote the Pasadena Unified School District Board of Education expressing our concern regarding the allocation of funds targeted for disadvantaged youth.


Under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) funds have been granted to the Pasadena Unified School District from the state to develop programs and services to promote the academic achievement of targeted disadvantaged youth (English-language learners, economically disadvantaged, and foster youth). We believe it is essential that the funds be effectively allocated to support these unique educational needs. We are writing the PUSD Board of Education to express that concern and encourage the PUSD to develop an appropriate method to identify foster youth and to monitor their academic achievement.

You can sign a letter in support at the Action Table or download it here. The letters will be hand delivered at the next PUSD board meeting.

The following supplemental materials are available:


On June 8 we wrote to President Obama requesting the he help prevent unilateral and illegal land seizures by the Israeli occupation authorities in the West Bank.

While on transformational journeys to Israel and Palestine, members of All Saints have visited the Tent of Nations Peace Project maintained by the Nassar family on their 100 acre farm six miles southwest of Bethlehem. The family lives by the motto “We Refuse to be Enemies”.

The Nassar family has documentation of ownership for their 100-acre farm dating back to the Ottoman Empire and has worked through the Israeli Military and Civil Courts, even to the Israeli Supreme Court, since 1991, defending their ownership of this land.

Despite all of this, on May 19th the Israeli Military brought bulldozers onto the lower valley of the family’s farm and uprooted between 1,500 and 2,000 fruit-bearing apricot and apple trees, as well as innumerable grape vines, reducing the terraced orchards to rubble.

Ed Bacon wrote a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking that he look into this situation and help prevent any additional unilateral action by the Israeli Military.

You can view the letter and read more about the Tent of Nations Peace Project here.


On June 1 we wrote our members of Congress asking that they support reform of food aid programs that combat global hunger.

Food aid feeds 50 million hungry people a year overseas, but much of the program is diverted to pay international shipping companies that run U.S. flagged ships.

The proposed reforms include:

Please support labeling by signing letters to your member of the House, Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer. Letters are available for signing at the Action Table and here.

The following supplemental materials are available:

Other Worlds | Harvesting Justice Series http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/17289


On May 25 we wrote our California State Senators and the chair of the State Senate Appropriations Committee (Sen. Kevin de Leon) in support of Senate Bill 1381, labeling genetically engineered foods.

The bill is sponsored by a broad-based coalition of environmental, consumer and food groups along with many small businesses. Polls consistently show that over 90% of Americans and a high majority of Californians want meaningful labels that clearly identify GE foods. As a food labeling activist has stated, “We want a choice about the legacy we leave the Golden State’s children. Labeling genetically engineered foods gives us the opportunity to make informed decisions about our food, from farm to fork.”

Please support labeling by signing a letter to your state senator and the chair of the senate appropriations committee. Letters are available here.

The following supplemental material is available:


On May 18 we wrote our Senators and our members of the House in the United States Congress in support of the Democracy Restoration Act (H.R.4459 and S.2235).

Based on a Brennan Center proposal, the bill builds on recent support for rights restoration. In February, U.S Attorney General Eric Holder called on states to restore voting rights. But 35 states continue to disenfranchise people after they are released from prison. The Democracy Restoration Act would restore voting rights to these citizens for federal elections.

Letters are available for signing at the Action Table and here: House MemberSen. FeinsteinSen. Boxer.

The following supplemental materials are available:
1. Democracy Restoration Act Fact Sheet
2. Criminal Disenfranchisement by State
3. Article, “How to Shrink Inequality” by Robert Reich
4. Article, “The Myths About Government That Kill Innovation

On May 11 we asked that parishioners support the “Health for All Act,” a state senate bill (SB 1005) that would expand access to health coverage for all Californians, regardless of immigration status.

The Affordable Care Act specifically excludes undocumented immigrants from insurance coverage provided through Covered California. Under the Health for All Act, undocumented Californians who don't have health care would be able to pay an affordable price for health insurance in a statewide marketplace that mirrors our state's "Covered California" exchange. Learn more about this bill at the Action Table, and support access to preventive care for all California families.

Please sign letters to Senator Kevin De León and your State Senator. Letters are available for signing at the Action Table and here. You are encouraged to add your own comments.

Below are links to additional information on SB 1005:
1. Legislative Counsel’s Digest
2. Press Release

On May 4 we wrote our members of the California State Legislature is support of the Minimum Wage Fairness Act, SB 935.

The Act would raise the minimum wage in California to $13 an hour by 2017 and then, starting in 2018, the wage would automatically go up each year in parallel with increases in the California Cost of Living Index.

Please sign letters to your State Senator and State Assemblymember. Letters are available for signing here (State Assemblymember and State Senator). You are encouraged to add your own comments.

Below are links to information sheets on this minimum wage legislation:

Below are links to articles on the Action Table relating to the talk in the Forum:

On April 27 we are wrote our members of the California State Legislature is support of an immediate moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in California.

Mounting evidence shows that fracking is a serious danger to public health and the environment. Fracking also undermines California’s efforts to fight climate change. Ramping up dirty fossil fuel production via dangerous drilling and well stimulation methods is at odds with California’s clean energy, climate, water and air quality goals. SB1132 imposes a moratorium on all well stimulation—including fracking and acidizing, on-shore and off-shore—until the state’s study on the threats and impacts of fracking is complete and measures are in place to protect against negative impacts.

Please sign letters to your State Senator and State Assemblymember. Letters are available here (State Assemblymember and State Senator) and you are encouraged to add your own comments.

On April 13 we are wrote our Senators and our members of the House in support of the “Democracy Is For People” Constitutional Amendment.

Recent Supreme Court decisions concerning money in politics have:

The most recent ruling, McCutcheon v. FEC, allows just a handful of ultra wealthy donors to donate nearly 50 times the earlier limit in an election cycle. McCutcheon puts party policy and politics in the hands of a few hundred people privileged only by their wealth, not by the quality of their ideas. This corrosive system will result in a government for the highest bidder, instead of, by and for the people.

Letters are available for signing at the Action Table and on line: Senator Barbara BoxerSenator Dianne FeinsteinMembers of the House.

Additional materials are also available for download:

On April 6 we wrote our Senators and our members of the House in support of H.R.3892, The Student Borrowers’ Bill of Rights.

It includes a range of important upgrades to our system of financing higher education, including restoring basic consumer protections—such as bankruptcy protections and a statute of limitations for collection of student loan debt—as well as changes to give student borrowers greater purchasing power and greater peace of mind. The bill would boost our economy while strengthening the rights of citizens.

Letters are available for signing at the Action Table or you can download them here:
Senator Dianne FeinsteinSenator Barbara BoxerMembers of the House
We encourage you to add your own comments.
Summary of HR3892 The Student Borrowers’ Bill of Rights.

On March 2 we wrote our representatives in the United States Congress in support of two pieces of legislation designed to counteract some of the damage done by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

The two bills are:

Both acts would set up a system of public financing for House and Senate candidates by providing matching funds to small donations on the condition the candidate foregoes large donations. Please sign a letter to your Senators and House member.

The letters are available this Sunday at the Action Table, or you can download them here: Sen. BoxerSen. FeinsteinHouse of Representatives. An informational flyer is available here. You can also sign an online petition at People For the American Way

On January 19 we asked parishioners to sign letters to their members of the U.S. House and a petition to California’s Senators and Congressional Leadership calling for a revival of the Voting Rights Act.

Last year’s Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder gutted a crucial section of the Voting Rights Act requiring pre-approval of changes in voting law in certain jurisdictions. It has been announced that a bi-partisan group of legislators will introduce legislation next week to restore pre-approval and strengthen the Voting Rights Act. This week we ask you to sign a petition to our Senators and Congressional leadership and a letter to your member of the House asking them to support this legislation.

A copy of the letter to House members is available here. You can also sign an online petition at People For the American Way. A link to a USA Today news article on this is available here. A blog post with comments on the proposed legislation from the NAACP and Rev. Al Sharpton and National Action Network is available here.

On January 5 we asked parishioners to sign letters to their members of Congress supporting a social and economic justice agenda in the new legislative session and, specifically, support the renewal of extended unemployment benefits.

Congress failed to extend the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program before they left for vacation. The result? Three days after Christmas, 1.3 million long-term unemployed Americans lost their unemployment benefits. If Congress doesn’t act now, 2014 promises to be a very bad year for the long-term unemployed. 3.6 million more people will lose what little income they have. This doesn’t make it any easier for them to find jobs. It means evictions, foreclosures, children without school clothing. And it means money taken out of a still-fragile economy.

Sign letters to your member of the HouseSenator Barbara Boxer and Senator Dianne Feinstein. You can also sign a petition supporting extended unemployment benefits at the following website: Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

On December 22 parishioners signed letters to Congress asking that they oppose granting “fast-track authority” to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty (TPP).

The TPP is a major international corporate trade agreement being negotiated by our government and a dozen other nations largely in secret. Granting the Trans-Pacific Partnership such fast-track authority without fully vetting is undemocratic, and would allow this trade agreement to bypass much of the legislative process, including public hearings and amendments, before coming to a vote. Trade agreements like this have major environmental, human rights, and economic justice implications that must be fully reviewed before approval.

Sign letters to our members of Congress and for more information about this trade agreement. Here are letters to House MembersSen. Feinstein and Sen. Boxer. You can also use this link to CREDO Action for this.

Here are links to the following fact sheets and articles:

Fact Sheet: What You Need to Know about the Trans Pacific Partnership

Fact Sheet: Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority

Article: The People Can Defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Article: Why Do We the People Have to Read TPP on Wikileaks?

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD)

On November 10 we asked that you contribute to relief for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

On September 8 and 15 we asked you to raise your voices on the impending military action in Syria and contribute to relief for victims of the Syrian civil war through ERD (Episcopal Relief and Development). You can still take action through the links below.

To donate online to Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) use this link to the ERD website.

If you saw the wonderful presentation by Sr. Diane Donoghue of Nuns On The Bus in the Forum on June 16 and would like to support their efforts at immigration reform, you can do so by going to www.nunsonthebus.org.

Homeboy Industries

On February 2 we sent letters to the LA County Board of Supervisors asking them to renew support for Homeboy Industries. If you would like to learn about Homeboy Industries or donate to them, you can use the links below:
Los Angeles Times article on Homeboy Industries 
Homeboy Industries 
Donate to Homeboy Industries

Find Your Representatives

You can find your member of the United State House of Representatives at www.house.gov.

You can find your member of the California State Assembly at www.assembly.ca.gov.

You can find your member of the California State Senate at www.senate.ca.gov.

You can find your member of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors at http://rrcc.lacounty.gov/OnlineDistrictmapApp/.

Volunteer for the Action Table

If you would like to help with the Action Table ministry by giving 15 or 20 minutes of your time after one of the Sunday services, please use this Doodle link to sign up. Thank you.

For more information, visit the Peace & Justice pages and explore where your deep gladness meets one of the world’s deep hungers – and join us in putting your faith into action.



Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or "Obamacare," is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010.


One of the great peacemaking challenges of our time is the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and All Saints Church’s long standing commitment to peace with justice has called us into that challenge.

Ending Torture

All Saints Church stands firmly against torture. We have joined forces with the National Religious Campaign Against Torture to urge Congress to create an independent commission of inquiry into investigate U.S. torture policies and practices.

Gun Violence Prevention

GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION TASK FORCE MISSION and VISION: Mission: To educate, advocate and organize to prevent gun violence and to respond to the impact of gun violence through sustained action in partnership with advocacy groups, elected officials, schools, children, youth, families, public...

Immigration Reform

We are -- all of us --in some sense immigrants and sojourners, strangers in a strange land seeking a homeland. Some of us or members of our families have personally experienced hardships and, at times, unspeakable indignities, in coming to America.


At All Saints Church we are committed to the proposition that peace and justice making are not options for the world’s great religions. Rather peace and justice making are central mandates for us all the world’s great religions. 

Marriage Equality

All Saints Church is proud to have been in the forefront of the struggle for marriage equality in the State of California just as we have been in the forefront of LGBT equality in the Episcopal Church.

Take Action
  • Afghanistan
  • Economic Justice
  • Ending Torture
  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • Immigration Reform
  • Interfaith
  • Marriage Equality